Plastex, part of the S.I.M.A. group, was born 30 years ago our of the simple idea of taking advantage of the various physical properties of nylon to solve some of the problems which constantly occurred for spinners and doublers.
Following continual research and development we started to produce Nylon travellers for both spinning and doubling as an alternative to steel and bronze travellers.
The exceptional results obtained combined with the considerable advantages shown, spread the use of nylon travellers over a very short period and today they are standard equipment in mills across the world.
The advantages shown over the years
con be summarised as follows:

1) Improved yarn quality
2) Increase in traveller linear speed
3) Reduced ring wear
4) Reduced ring lubrication leading to
cleaner yarns
5) More regular yarn tension
6) Easier traveller installation
7) Reduced noise levels
8) Fewer end breaks
As it is known twist and running speeds vary greatly depending on individual circumstances.
It should be remembered that rings and travellers as well as for cotton and synthetics, are used for spinning and twisting all animal fibres and flax, linen and gloss.

We mention this to make it easier to understand why there are so many shapes and sizes of travellers which require exact scale weights.
With the passing of the years based on the success of our products in the market place we have increased our ranges, researched new shapes and by means of relevant heat treatment, improved our quality.

Today our factory, largely thanks to the introduction of new technology and considerable increases in productivity manufactures roughly 4000 types of nylon travellers, starting at 13 mg and going up to 33000 mg.

Our ever increasing customer base (today we export to 80% of countries in the world) has made us conscious of the need to increase our product range so that very light nylon travellers are not very rigid and therefore reduced in scope, since 1990 we have started supplying steel travellers and for similar reasons also rings.
Today we can confirm with great satisfaction our position as one of the world leaders in Nylon travellers and that we can now aspire to the same position with metal rings and travellers.

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